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Fisiowarm takes the needs of both the therapist and the patient into consideration.

Resulting in a surprisingly effective, light, compact and reliable tool.

The appliance can be operated in parallel by two control systems: a remote one – the tablet – and one on the front of the machine, where a resistive panel with LED backlighting and soft-touch controls makes it possible to display and control the essential operating functions.

The tablet provides all the necessary data in real time and ensures uninterrupted treatment and complete freedom of movement for the healthcare professionals applying the treatment.


Directing energy with your hands


A dynamic device for a dynamic application. Thanks to the Neutro Dinamico® system, therapists can direct the energy along new routes and different paths during the same treatment. The dedicated accessories in the Neutro Dinamico® range allow therapists to move around the patient’s body and channel the energy with their own hands, creating alternative routes and allowing intuitive and direct treatment of areas that were difficult to access until now, with dynamism and new levels of efficiency.

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Tecar Therapy

What is it and what benefits does it offer?

DIATHERMY, more commonly known as TECAR THERAPY, is a new medical practice that applies radiofrequency to biological tissue. Positioning electrodes on the body determines the route travelled by the current, permitting a targeted, deep-down and comfortable application, which is simple to control and manage. The beneficial effects of the heat generated by the high-frequency current travelling through tissue with different degrees of resistance were first observed in the field of sport.
Given the excellent results, tecar therapy is now widely used to treat a wide range of different chronic and acute disorders found in both athletes and the elderly, and whenever increased vascularisation and restoration of the cellular metabolism is required.

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Fisiowarm app: an ever-present assistant

The app offers healthcare professionals all the advantages of an ever-present reliable and helpful assistant. This unique experience benefits the work of professionals, allowing them to focus on the patient. This intelligent and dynamic support system provides real-time checks and reports on any excessive energy dispersal or absorption.

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